Spark Learning is here to inspire you, provoke you, and give you the permission, confidence, and community to explore new approaches to teaching and learning.

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What is Spark Learning?

Fueled by a belief that teachers are designers, our goal is to bring the joy back to teaching and learning. Together we can find inspiration, insight, and permission to work towards changing the culture of our classrooms to better meet the needs of our students. Through small, scrappy experiments, observation, and calibration we have the power to make a difference for students - even when it feels like we’re hemmed in by constraints on all sides. 

What Can I Find Here?

You can expect weekly posts on inspiring classroom practice, actionable research, article, blog and book reviews, and videos that dive a little deeper. We will provide tips and ideas that you can try out immediately in your classroom. We certainly don't pretend to have all the answers. We all experience failure as we innovate. Together, though, we can fail forward to benefit our students.

Who's Behind This?

Mark Hofer is a college professor, co-director of an innovation center, and former high school social studies teacher. I’m passionate about exploring to continually find new ways to engage with students, stoke their curiosity, and ignite their passion. I work with teachers, professors, and educational leaders to think like designers to create their own responses to both opportunities and challenges in their teaching. Follow me @markhofer

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